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Wednesday, July 14, 2010.


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Saturday, June 19, 2010.

I suddenly felt a tinge of sadness as all have been greeting me happy father's day(for my dad).

I miss my father which I call him "papa". He is very jolly and very supportive of me. Though I want to greet him, hug him so tight and tell him that I love him, that is now impossible. He's now with our Lord God. But I know he is now in good hands and happy to where he is now. I already missed him for 8 years and will not stop missing him and loving him :)

I wrote this blog because I want you all to be thankful to all your dads for being there, alive. Grab the chance to tell them how much you love them before fate take away that chance from you. It is also like your mom that without him you won't be in this world.

So here's your chance, go hug him, tell him you love him or your way of showing your love to him :)

And for my papa, WE miss you so much and will love you forever. <3



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Monday, January 25, 2010.

OMG! I'm a little late. And I just noticed that JANUARY 25 is the birthday of my blog! I've been so busy lately and has no time to really post something or to check on my blog.

Well Happy Birthday to you "sah's trembled life-sahssy sentiments".

Thank you for always being there, ready to listen to all my aches and happiness.

Trivia: I'm the type of person when I'm depress, my sanity is writing and so this blog helped me a lot!

My dearest blog,


Thank you for always being there for me, I owe you a lot. :)

Many more years to come 'coz WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER :)



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Thursday, December 31, 2009.

Before the year 2009 ends, I would like to look back on my 2009 and see all those memories, whether good or bad, learnings, and more :)

2009 has been so tough for me, considering some concerns that made really so down and emotional. Preferred to studies, heartbreaks from someone and also from some friends. I don't like to emphasize more on that. But I want to emphasize on the learning I've drawn upon. Looking at the brighter side, those experiences made me strong and be matured in a way. I learned to be more sensitive to other people and not to think only my self. I learned to value on what I have and accepting what I can't have. God is really good despite of, because He won't give me such trials if He knows I couldn’t handle them. And giving all that, it made me become a better individual.

For 2010, hoping for a better year. I know it’ll be different from the previous year because for 2010 I’ll be graduating from College and embarking on my chosen path. Starting to make plans, I should be more responsible and matured to face all these. It feels like a different world for me. But I know I can do it! God is always with me :D

And For the New Year, that signifies new beginning, new life, new love, and new hope. Let's face and welcome 2010 with a SMILE. No regrets, no bitterness of 2009 but only good memories and learnings that we had. Forget all those bad memories and looking forward for more good ones. Because yesterday is better than today and tomorrow is much even better than today.

Let’s all together move forward to 2010 with a warm heart and full of hope. CHEERS TO 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! :D


Saturday, December 5, 2009.

I'M BACK FROM HIATUS! I looked at my last post and it was dated August 23, '09. Gosh 4 months of hiatus huh?! But now I'm back. I miss blogging! MUCH! YAY! :D

Updating my life, a few months to go and I'll be graduating from College! oopsss "HOPEFULLY" ehehe :D Excited?? Not really! now, I'm busy doing our thesis and it feels hell! We're just starting but my brain is already drain. *laughs* But hopefully our thesis would be a success! Of course we'll do our best 'coz we won't we graduating if we fail. ehe ^^ More more hard work for us :) AJA!

On the other hand, Christmas is fast approaching and I'm starting to prepare my Christmas list. Actually there are a lot of things to prepare. haayy, but I hope I won't be experiencing Christmas rush! Hate that! I know you too guys! Let's do early preparations to prevent that.

But otherwise I'm so excited!! Of course Christmas is the most awaited season of the year. There will be lots of foods, gifts, reunions, gatherings then. Oh Yeah! :D

I miss my HS friends(FORBS). Every year we gather and have our Christmas Party. 'Coz of our busy and different scheds, it's really hard for us to be complete and it's just this time that we actually get together and bond. Can't wait to see them all! :D We're starting to prepare our Christmas party now, our ITINERARY perhaps. We want this year to be different from the previous years. yay! :D

So what can I say more??! I know you guys are also busy preparing your stuffs.
Update me your life guys! :) CHEERS! :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009.


I am quite busy lately and so I seldom update my blog. But here are other 2 poems that I made. Hope you will like them. Please made some comments. THANKS :)


Were it not be better to forget
Than remember and regret?
Were it not be better to end
Than to hope and wail over again?

When to the session of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past
I sigh the lack of many things
I sought And with old woes, new grief is time waste

For my type, it’s hard to forget everything
A love that I felt at first and genuine
But things change, people change and love change
And I can never bring back things that said to be VINTAGE


Woes and anguish burst out suddenly
Everything changes gradually
Awesome days to look forward to
Kicking those rude melancholy too

Weak, a word that everybody deems me
Encompasses on how I play the game
Actually they don’t know me
Keeping the soldier in my name

Why do I feel empty now?
Everything seems to be insufficient somehow
Aiming my biggest goal to be happy
Key is to find someone worthy

Waking up from a delusion
Erasing such expectations
Appreciate on what I have
Keen view and ideal I should save

*as they say change is the only permanent thing in this world, no one can ever bring back nor change what had happened. Be thankful though that it somehow made you happy and left a trace of learning. It's brave to fight for what you think is right and what will makes you happy but it's braver to learn to accept things and just let go.

This is not the end of the road, there might be a better coarse to take. Circumstances happen for a reason that might be a way to curve your path to a much better path and there you'll find your true happiness :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009.


The fruit of boredom + sentiment = POEMS :)

(I just need to shout my heart out *sigh*)

Ola! Check out these 3 poems I made. These are included in my compilation of poems. I need your comments friendsieeess.. Thanks!


Past, why are you still residing me?

Overshadowing my soothing heart

Flashing all those moments from the start

And now, my soul is burning, can’t you see?

Why can’t you just leave me?

Why don’t you bury yourself?

For me to achieve such sanity

For what you are doing is such a theft

I admit I seemed so nasty

And all I considered culprit is you

But you can’t blame me because you are still haunting me

And until now, I still can’t escape

To that sweet dead thing called- the past


Bound to indecisiveness

How to escape with finesse?

Inner sanity I shout

When will I ever get out?

Mix emotions I burn

Wishing my fate would turn

Masking a blissful sight

Yet gloominess inside

Massive queries being kept

I need your answer, please help!

‘Cause I am now caught at the middle

My mind being overused and now idle

Distressed to where I stand

Yearning to hold a hand

Because my world get bewildered

And now crowded by HATRED


My mind chose to be free

But my stubborn heart likes to stay

Contrary of both parties

That is hard to bear

Chaos inside me still portray

Unlimited queries still stay

Yet the scene remains the same

As his sweet voice calls my name

How can I still see the spark?

Despite of the dreading dark

How can this happen?

If my only wish is to be awaken

Tonight my heart is wishing

Wishing to end those reminiscing

To end up all those sorrows

And start a better tomorrow


Welcome to my blog my friend! Feel free to stroll on my blog & read up my posts. Pls no ripping, spamming or any type of childish act. Respect is a must. I keep the blog very simple same as its owner. Enjoy your stay! ^^


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